Current Update: Alpha 1.0

About Alpha 1.1

The Alpha 1.1 will introduce a few mechanics:

  • A Quest Log System
  • The Smartphone Mechanic
  • The Wardrobe Mechanic

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This update will also be focused on:

  • Abigail’s Persuasion Path
  • Alice’s Discipline Path

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Next Update: Alpha 1.1

Game Updating

About Alpha 1.0

This release is the first.

Obviously, like any other first alpha release, you will notice that the game lacks content and by content I mean Sex content. You still have about 1 hour to reach the end of the first alpha so I think it’s okay.

Concretely, this alpha is:

  • An introduction to the Story and a presentation of the firsts main characters;
  • A Real Proof of Concept and by real I mean that each mechanic you will see in the game is already implemented and functional;
  • A first exposition in order to see your opinion about the potential of the game.